A step-by-step guide to customizing grillz

You can customize your grillz right at home in five minutes with everything you need.

The silicone molding included with the grillz ensures the teeth will fit and stay tight even without the expensive dental custom molding. Using these silicone molding bars, your gums will not be affected when removing the Custom Grillz for Teeth from your mouth.

We will begin now.

Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste before you begin

  1. Getting your mouth ready for custom fitting begins with cleaning it. Brush your teeth well and floss thoroughly before you fit your grillz, and rinse your mouth with water well afterward to reinforce these practices.
  2. Wearers wear Grillz over their teeth, which are custom fitted to their teeth. Grillz can be gently folded to fit the contours of your teeth and your mouth.
  3. Outward curves are needed for the hooks at the bottom.
  4. The grillz can be used by pressing gently on the center (where the teeth will sit).
  5. Clean tweezers are needed for removing the silicone molding bar from the grill and placing it into hot (165-175 degrees) water.
  6. Take the grill and the molding bar out of the water once they have been soaked and let them dry. Fixing the bar and grill can be retrieved from the water using tweezers and shaken dry.
  7. When applying this awesome jewelry, you should use a mirror. When possible, stand in front of a mirror, then place the grillz carefully on your mouth.
  8. If it is too loose or uncomfortable, then adjust the grill until it feels secure. In the event it is neither too tight nor too loose, you should not experience any discomfort.
  9. You can bend and shift your grillz until they are just right for you; there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Grillz Can Affect Your Teeth
  • Plaque and bacteria are likely to form between grills and teeth as a result of grills and teeth contacting each other. Be sure to remove the handles from the grill before cooking your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as thoroughly clean it after use to prevent food particles from collecting on the heat.
  • Abrasion of the teeth is also possible, and that is borderline harmful. Grill lovers and those who use them constantly should always whiten their teeth after stopping use as continued use may damage their enamel.
  • Individuals should take special care to maintain their oral hygiene when using mouth jewelry, including flossing and brushing at least twice daily.

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