Dab Rig: Trends in 2022 and Tips to Maintain


Dabbing is an emerging trend in the borosilicate glass industry. It has increased the production of one-of-a-kind, functional glass art. According to reports, around $4.1 billion is spent by Americans to consume marijuana.

The use of colored rods to form a piece has decreased since dab rigs are typically made with slitted diffusers that break up the standard smoke pattern into smaller bubbles. While most water pipes utilize ice catchers, dab rigs are equipped with additional percolators that cool the vapor to give it a smoother hit.

There are currently many trends in glass art, including colors, designs, and styles. The following guide will explain dab rigs under 100 to assist customers in understanding the differences between them. It includes information on key features to look for when purchasing a glass bong.

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are water pipes that use a nail (typically made of titanium, ceramic, or quartz) submerged in water. Once the pin has been heated to red hot with a blowtorch and touched to the concentrate, it vaporizes, creating smoke for consumers to inhale.

Unlike other bongs and hand pipes, dab rigs don’t use a bowl. Instead, they use a nail that has been inserted into the joint of the water pipe. The one main difference between this and other bongs is how it uses nectar collectors or dab nails in place of bowls.

Trends in Dab Rigs

The artists themselves have influenced the style of dab rigs. They have begun to use various techniques, colors, and designs to create several unique pieces. As a result, new innovative concepts are being used which didn’t exist before. Here are a few of them:

1) Pog-Sized Dab Rigs

Pog-sized dab rigs are among the most popular types in modern borosilicate art. They can be categorized as a mid to small size between baller and mini. Borosilicate glass is a hard glass made from boron silicate sand, potassium, sodium, and oxide.

2) Gourd Dab Rigs

Gourd dab rigs are another popular water pipe style that has been around for many years. They are known to be very artistic and carefully handmade. This type is typically made from borosilicate glass or sometimes even wood, leaving the piece more susceptible to breakage over time.

3) Alien Dab Rigs

Alien dab rigs are incredibly unique pieces that incorporate strange designs into the overall structure of the bong. For example, parts of it may look similar to a UFO or extraterrestrial lifeform, making it very appealing for collectors.

It is advisable to note that these types of water pipes are typically fragile and, therefore, should be handled with caution.

4) Mini Dab Rigs

Mini dab rigs under 100 are typically small in size, making them easier to carry around the house or on the go. They are similar to pog-sized bongs but smaller. Because of this, they do not hold as much water but still provide great hits for consumers.

5) Spoon Hand Pipes

Spoon hand pipes are another type that has been around for many years and are used by smokers worldwide to consume their marijuana. It consists of a round bowl at one end, a mouthpiece on the opposite side, and a carb found on the side near the mouthpiece.

6) Recycler Dab Rigs

Recycler dab rigs are very popular because of their unique style. They are made with two different chambers, one for water and the other is for holding the concentrate. Once it is heated up with a blowtorch, vapor travels through both chambers before being inhaled by consumers.

7) Sidecar Dab Rigs

Sidecar dab rigs are unique pieces that look like they belong in a high-class bar. They typically include fine details like an ice catcher and decorative styles. Hence, they are one of the pricier types on the market but still provide great hits for consumers.

8) Mini Pumpkin Dab Rigs

One of the newest dab rigs to be introduced is mini pumpkin dab rigs. They typically resemble a small-sized gourd hollowed out and designed with various colors and styles. Pumpkin bongs are also known to absorb heat, making them unique compared to other types on this list.

Tips to Maintain Dab Rigs

To maintain your dab rigs, buying a few necessary accessories is essential. First of all, you need to purchase a glass screen. It will prevent any ash or other small particles from passing through the joint and into the water pipe itself.

Second, you must also purchase tongs that can hold the nail while heated. It will help prevent any burns that may occur during the smoking process.

Third, you should also consider purchasing a dab container to hold all leftover concentrate after every session. As stated above, these water pipes are costly, so extra care needs to be taken not to break or become damaged.


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