How to get Netflix on non-smart tv like Ruko and Apple TV

This article is for those Netflix users who want to watch movies and shows on non-smart TVs. Non-smart TVs are like Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and other gaming consoles etc. The purpose of this content is to provide guidelines about how to get Netflix on these non-smart TV. Let’s learn the methods to use Netflix on these non-smart TVs individually.

Get Netflix on non-smart tv Roku

The method is the following:

  • Open your Roku account to watch Netflix with Roku
  • From the main menu choose “Home” and click on “Netflix”
  • Press “yes” if you are Netflix subscriber
  • Activation code appears on your screen
  • Enter activation code on your Netflix account
  • After confirmation, you can get Netflix on Non-smart TV Roku.

netflix on roku

Get Netflix on Apple TV

Following these simple instructions to access Netflix on Apple TV

  • Select “Netflix” from the main menu of you Apple TV
  • Sign in using Netflix email and password (Provided that you are already a Netflix user)
  • Connected
  • Watch your movies and Netflix programs on Apple TV

Get Netflix on non-smart tv (Google Chromecast)

In this section, we will learn how to integrate Netflix with Chromecast which is different from the above ones.

  • For this, you must have a Google Home App
  • Download and install it
  • Set up the Chromecast on Google Home App
  • Now connect Netflix with Chromecast
  • Click on Netflix and complete Sign in process
  • From the main menu click on “Cast” (it may be on the upper side of your device)
  • Open the list of available devices
  • Select Netflix from the list
  • Start watching movies and shows

Watch Netflix on Amazon Fire Stick

You can also follow this way if you want to watch Netflix on non-smart TVs, Amazon fire stick is another best option.

  • As an amazon fire stick user, let’s start the process
  • Using the search bar on the home screen, type “Netflix” and search it
  • Choose Netflix and start downloading
  • Open Netflix after the download is complete
  • Next process is the same as defined above
  • Sign in (Netflix email and password)
  • You’ve connected to Netflix using Amazon Firestick
  • Enjoy

How to watch Netflix on Gaming Consoles

There are various types of gaming consoles which use as non-smart TV to watch Netflix. The gaming consoles include play stations, Xbox, the Wii etc.

The method is:

  • From the main menu go to “video and tv section” and find Netflix
  • Download the app and sign in using Netflix account information

You can follow this method on all gaming consoles and connect Netflix, also watch this video

You can also use your personal Laptop or Mac as a non-smart tv to watch Netflix series.

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