Is Five Feet Apart going to be on netflix of US library

Many people fail to find various movies on Netflix because they are unaware that not every movie is available in their region. Netflix libraries vary from every region, and there are some movies that are limited to a region where people from other regions cannot access them. Similarly, people ask, Is five feet apart going to be on Netflix, when they fail to find it.

People are unable to watch this movie on Netflix except in these regions, UK, India, Ireland and Bangladesh. It is not even accessible to Americans unless they change their IP addresses using premium VPNs.

Now people are clear how are asking, is five feet apart on Netflix? This movie is only available in the libraries of the four countries mentioned above. If you are the real fans of these heroes or you really wanna watch five feet apart, change your IPs.

Five feet apart DVD release date

It’s great for five feet apart fans that the DVD released on June 11, last year. This is for those who are unfamiliar about getting UK Netflix libraries by changing IPs. People can also find on Amazon and iTunes video streaming, it also released here last year.

Movies like five feet apart

It is a true love story between two youngsters (Will and Stella), both of whom suffer from a disease. They met in a hospital where their story began which lasted till their last breath. People liked and enjoyed their story and want more like this so we made a list of some such movies.

Midnight sun (2018)

This is the story of a young woman whose life is threatened by the sun’s rays. Getting out of the house during the day was no less of a hassle as she only left after sunset. Her father sang for her at the train station and played the guitar which she enjoyed.

Midnight sun (2018)

Every day (2018) like Five Feet Apart

The main characters in a love story are Rhiannon and Justin, she is the school students. Justin’s body is such that it changes every day and takes on a new look. In fact, its the soul that loved Rhiannon and tried to find her in a new shape every day.

Everything, Everything (2017)

The love starts from emails between the neighbourhood teenagers Madeline Whittier and Olly Bright. She suffering from an illness that prevented her from leaving the house, but the entrance of Olly is her life-changing moment. This is a very admirable story that has a positive effect on the viewer.

Me Before You (2016)

A man named Will Traynor, living a very successful life before his accident which paralysed later. Then the entrance of a girl in his life as a caretaker, after which the direction of his life changed. His suicidal thoughts turned into love.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

The two young classmates Greg and Earl who spend most of the time together making fun of others. A girl, in fact, a dying girl plays a big role to change their lives and make them better men. It is a truly inspirational and emotions movie for the youth of this era.

We described some similar to five feet apart if you want more movies you can check the following list.

  • The book of stars
  • The fault in our stars
  • A walk to remember
  • Endless love
  • The edge of seventeen

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