Easy methods to fix Netflix audio and video out of sync

Netflix is the biggest streaming hub around the world, people love to watch video related data on it. It is a common thing to having audio problems on a platform who providing video content. So people also face the issue of Netflix audio out of sync while watching the movie or show.

As a Netflix user, you need to know how to get rid of this problem immediately. For this, you have to read this content carefully because we are providing its solution here.

Netflix audio and video out of sync

Netflix audio and video out of sync

In this problem, Netflix sound is not working properly, audio and video are not at the same level. The lips of the one who is speaking are moving first and the audio is coming a few seconds later. There are many reasons for these problems and solutions too. One of the main reason is: it happens when we tease the forward and rewind button. Now the following methods are the answer to this question how to sync audio and video.

  1. Start your video again, it will be helpful to you
  2. Change your browser, some of the browsers are not much able to deliver quality work
  3. It is also a possibility that this problem is due to bad internet connection, make a strong connection.
  4. Play some other videos to make sure this problem only occurs in this video or all.
  5. If this issue happens in all videos then you must consult a Netflix provider or reinstall Netflix app.

How to solve on window 10

If you are facing this problem using window 10 then you can also use the above methods like change browser, strong internet. Besides, updating your audio and video drivers is another method, which is outlined below.

  1. Install the audio and video drivers which fits your system
  2. Open a device manager (win + X)
  3. A new screen appears where you find an option “sound, video and game controller”
  4. Right-click in it and choose update driver
  5. Automatic process work
  6. If Windows can help install new drivers, it will
  7. Otherwise, follow the first point
  8. Go to any drivers related site and download it.

Netflix no sound

The most common streaming devices include smart tv and pc where people like to watch Netflix. So now we discuss this issue with PC users, who complain about Netflix audio out of sync on PCs. What do they should do? Is the method is same too for them which defined above? Let’s discuss

  1. Firstly make sure which option you have selected from Netflix player, choose only non-5.1  (Netflix player is allocated on the right bottom)
  2. Apply update driver method
  3. Check pc audio settings
  • Press (win+R) > type mmsys.cpl
  • Playback > speakers > default
  • Properties > Advance
  • 24 bit > 192000 Hz

This is a brief explanation you just have to select or click on these options and save it.

Why is Netflix audio out of sync

This will happens when we tease with the fast forward and rewind button or due to this if we have chosen any other option other than non-5.1 or drivers need an update.

When streaming Netflix the audio and video are out of sync

Netflix audio and video are out of sync if any of these options are found

  • Audio drivers are not up to date
  • Bad internet quality
  • Specific title is no good
  • Device audio settings are not well

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