How DNS problem causes Netflix code nw-2-5 on smart TV

In this age of technology, where things have many advantages, they also have many issues Which interfere with their use. Netflix also has various issues one of which is code error called as Netflix code nw-2-5 often occur while streaming. Some large devices such as Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation and other media players that commonly encounter these types of errors. If you are one of those people who use these devices for Netflix then you are likely to face this problem too. But you don’t have to worry, there is a suitable solution that we have provided in this article.

Code NW-2-5 causes many consumer complaints, including “Netflix won’t load” or “Cannot connect to Netflix”. This Netflix service code error shows a dialogue box with the message of you Could not connect to Netflix server. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to spend some time fixing it by following our simple method below.

The ways to fix Netflix error code nw-2-5

We are here to help you to fix the issues you face in Netflix that create trouble in your streaming. We talk about all possibilities and their solution which may cause of occurring the Netflix code error. The step by step guide is:

Public internet connection:

If you are watching Netflix streaming at a public spot by using public internet connection like college/university hostel wifi. Then a huge possibility of occurring this error due to less connectivity and the quality of your internet performance.

Smart tv issue:

You are fond of watch Netflix movies and shows on the big screen like smart/sling tv and PlayStation type devices. So you have to be ready to see this kind of messages like “Netflix won’t load on tv” due to an nw-2-5 error. To resolve your sling tv error, you need to turn off your TV and return to the connection after 5 minutes.

Netflix not working on firestick:

If you fall into the category who like to watch movies on Amazon Firestick, then this paragraph is for you. You must confirm that you are the only person experiencing this error or is present in all of the users.

To resolve the issue, go to Error Management Settings and then remove the data from the Cache Clearing option. After that, you must unpin your amazon firestick from the device and wait for 30 seconds and restart it. Anyone who is facing this issue on the sling tv, use this strategy too to resolve their problem easily.

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Why the Netflix error nw-2-5 occur

We have predicted that in most cases these three major problems lead to the NW-2-5 error. Now we will discuss these problems and try to explain to you the best solution to solve them efficiently.

Weak wifi signals

The first problem that people ignore and blame on Netflix servers is the weak power of their Wi-Fi. You need to make sure there is less space between the Netflix device you are using and your internet router. It helps you produce continuity to watching your movies and series without any message of error. We recommend that you place your router on a top place in the room you are using to watch Netflix.

DNS problem

DNS problem which caused the Netflix error nw-2-5 can be configured with a method we provided below. Keep in mind the DNS setting is different for each device like Xbox one/360, PlayStation 3/4 and other devices. Here we will discuss the Xbox if you are using other devices then go at the end.


You can get rid of the NW-2-5 problem simply by selecting the “Automatic” option from the DNS setting that you will find in the configured network.

BT Parental Controls issue

Most of the cases user’s Netflix may be blocked from your internet provider such as BT Parental. If you are BT users then this method is for you and get rid of this problem by following simple steps.

And the steps are

Login MY BT My Extras > personalize your setting > Off BT Parental Controls 

Netflix streaming error

Nw-2-5 Netflix error is where your screen gets stuck and you are not allowed to proceed further without resolving it. It stops your video streaming and forces you to do something extra to get back to your screen. Netflix streaming error affect your attention by showing a dialogue box of the error message. Errors could be different, it may be Error nw-2-5Error nw-3-6Error nw-1-19Vudu error code or Charter spectrum error. we provide the solution of all error, you must follow the steps we explained simply.

Netflix error code on ps4

The PS4 is a device I enjoy watching the Netflix series and often encounters NW-2-5 error while streaming. You are the one whose choice is the same as me and loved to watch Netflix on PS4. So be ready to face this error on your PS4 but no worry it’s not a big deal to fix it. You simply follow some steps to continue your entertainment, firstly you go to settings to change some factors as I explained. Next step is to make sure which connection you are using a wired connection(LAN Cable) or a wireless(Wi-Fi) because settings are different.

Netflix error code on ps4

wired connection

You have to go on operation mode to do some changes by selectin Auto-Detect.

  • IP Address = Automatic
  • DHCP = Not set
  • DNS setting = Automatic
  • MTU setting = Automatic
  • Proxy server = Not set
  • UPnP = Enable



Go to the WLAN section and enter manually, the next step is to approach an IP address setting by just doing right click on the pad button.

Netflix code nw-3-6

In Netflix, we face many errors other than Nw-2-5 which has their specific codes like Netflix nw-3-6. We’ll define the major reasons for Netflix error nw-3-6 and provide its best solution on different streaming/gaming devices.


For PlayStation users, we recommend to restart your device first and keep strong your LAN strength. The second solution to resolve the Netflix error code nw-3-6 by using an ethernet cable for a direct connection between modem and PlayStation. Further, you can also check and verify your DNS setting by following the above method explained briefly.


Xbox is a good choice for Netflix, but when an error message appears on its screen, a person feels frustrated. We came to help you out to disappear the error nw-3-6 message on your screens permanently. The problems are the same no matter which device you are using, you should provide good internet quality for best results. You should verify your DNS setting and update/restart both devices (modem and Xbox) on time.

Netflix code nw-1-19

This is a type of error that codes NW-1-19 appear on media screens using Netflix for a variety of reasons. Here we talk about the Netflix error code nw-1-19 and its solution on different devices. All of these Netflix errors are mostly due to poor connectivity to your local internet. But we discuss some of the possibilities that often lead to this error.

Smart tv

Firstly, we’re talking about users who use smart TVs to stream NetFlix and complain about this bug.

Here is the solution:

Restart your device and the modem

Another solution is to produce direct connection with Tv and modem with the help of ethernet cable.


Now we turn to Roku family who complains Netflix not working on Roku so we here to help them. You must read this section and get answers to your queries that Why isn’t Netflix working on Roku.

Due to the poor power of your local internet

The big difference between a modem and a stop device

The device and modem need to be refreshed or restarted

All three of these statements could be the reason for Roku Netflix not or stop working for a while.


The Xbox users also face this “Code nw-1-19” error message on their screens. But they don’t need to worry because they are in the right place to find the solutions.

Make sure your device has a capability to support this streaming you want to watch

If yes, then create a good internet connection to make both the devices convenient

Vudu error code 28

Recently appeared one of the biggest error which we can never ignore named as Vudu error code 28. It is a connection or network error which create disturbance in our video streaming. It appears due to misbehaviour of Ip address and You can get recovery from this fault by just reset your modem. If you still can’t get rid of this error, then you need to change the device you are using for video streaming. It means you have to run your Vudu account on another device like Xbox or smart TV etc.

Charter spectrum error code

Now we will discuss some methods which can help you to fix your charter spectrum error code ia01. The first and very common step is to refresh or restart your device and disconnect your internet connection at that time. If your problem is not resolved yet, then you must check the cables and ports attach with your device. The final step is “change your equipment setting” which you can do from your Spectrum account.

Charter spectrum error code

What does Netflix code nw-2-5 mean

NW-2-5 is a common Netflix error often occur on your device screen due to some solvable problems. You need to find the cause of the error and try to resolve it in the ways we described.

Whats is Netflix error code nw-2-5

This is a kind of error message appears in the dialogue box which pauses your video streaming on Netflix. You can then run Netflix services only if its requirements are met.

What is Netflix code nw-2-5

It is a connectivity issue appear caused by the huge gap between the device and the router. Your DNS setting plays an important role while fixing these types of errors.

What is code nw-2-5 on Netflix

If you are a Netflix user and seen this message “couldn’t connect to Netflix” on your device screen. You don’t need to worry this problem can be solved easily by following different tricks.

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