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Three Best Methods to get Netflix student discount in 2021

Today, Netflix is considered to be the largest hub for TV shows, series and movies of all kinds. You can also compliment Netflix by calling it a library of unlimited digital video streaming. It provides you with the bundle of videos and allows you to watch them anytime on any latest device. The major devices you may use are including mobile phones, laptops, mac, iPhone, android, tv screen, PlayStation and Xbox. These are all features of Netflix and now we talk about teenagers and students, how they can benefit from Netflix. Do they get Netflix student discount offers and other types of vouchers from which they can avail benefits?

There is no student discount from Netflix, it’s a paid and has various plans to get access. But you will able to know many other ways of using free Netflix to watch unlimited series and shows.

How to get Netflix for free

There is one of the greatest wishes for all Netflix user to get free access without paying monthly charges and could watch best netflix series. It seems better than getting netflix student discount Then a big query arises in their mind that how to get free Netflix account to watch movies. And we are here to solve and answer that question by providing you with some pro tips. After knowing that you can not ask this question again how to watch Netflix for free. It is the best strategy to grab more subscribers and visitors by offering a students discount to generate more revenue. It is just our personal suggestion but we think its a talk of every student’s heart Netflix must consider.

Anyway, we show you how to get Netflix for free for the duration of your favourite time without wasting much time. You can get free 3 days trial, monthly trial and also a discounted yearly subscription.

Three best Method

Here we go

l) Netflix provides you 30 days trial on your first access after the signup

2) A simple switch to T-mobile to use free Netflix account

3) And another way is to use Verizon internet on your devices to watch free Netflix shows.

how to get Netflix for free

Netflix free account

In this era, everyone wants new Netflix accounts without paying any charges but how it is possible in 2021. So here we came to explain to you four different and trendy methods of how to get free Netflix account.

Free trial method

The first and very popular method is a free trial method in which you can get free Netflix access for 30 days. So a query arises in your mind at that time what would we do after a month then you should follow our trick. You simply cancel your subscription before ending the 30 days and get a new trial for the next 30 days. We hope you understand that we want to explain to you the first way to get a free Netflix account.

Netflix free account

Netflix cookies

The next legal method is named “Netflix cookies” which helps you to get a Netflix-free account in 2021. firstly, you have to install and open the cookies Extention on your pc or mac. Secondly, go to the Netflix app or web and click on the edit cookies icon then import the new cookies and save it. That’s all you just need to refresh the page and start watching movies of your choice.

Virtual cards

The virtual cards can also help to get a free account of Netflix on your mobile phone and computer. The methods are to install the TMW-Wallet app from the play store to get unlimited virtual debit cards which help to make a free Netflix account without spending any money.

Free email ID and password

You can access basic and premium free accounts by using email IDs and passwords which many people share on their websites.

Netflix premium plan

This is another great way to get a Netflix account without paying the full amount. As we know, Netflix Premium plan offers four Ultra HD screens so that four people can watch it at a time. In this way, we can share money and screens with four people. Doing so will make it easier for students who cannot afford to pay the full amount alone.

Netflix discount for students

You always hear that Netflix is free for the students but here you will confirm that it is true or not. And if this statement is not true then how students can get free access to Netflix. Students have many responsibilities in their colleges and universities life and its hard to manage their budget properly. So with that in mind, Netflix provides a discount to students through indirect ways. First, you can sign up to Netflix to watch movies for a free 30-day trial and then follow alternatives.

Students are then confused about opting for alternative ways to join the discount Netflix. One thing to note here is that once you get a free Netflix trial, you can watch free movies for up to a month, but you must cancel the subscription before you can complete the trial day. That way, you can get more free trials by following the steps outlined in the email that sent you.

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How to sign up for Netflix

Netflix is a paid library or video platform for movies, series, shows, dramas, and more. You can watch your favorite series or shows that you missed due to your busy schedule at that time. You can sign up to Netflix using your device to watch your shows and movies. After sign up your screen turned into a login section from where you can do free Netflix login. Netflix offers you three monthly plans including a basic plan, standard, and premium with different prices.

You can access the basic plan for 8.99$ which you cannot share with anyone.

You can access the standard plan for 10.99$ which you can share with two other devices.

You can access the premium plan for 13.99$ which you can share with four other devices.


If you could like to watch movies on your android phone then you have to follow some steps. Firstly, open the Netflix app which is available on the play store, then the next step is creating the account. You can simply create the account by putting your email address and password according to their requirement. Choose the plan which you want to select and also has an option to change your plan whenever you want. Finally, you need to enter the payment method so that you can easily pay. Then enjoy!


The procedure is the same as android you have to follow the same steps and enjoy video streaming on your computer.

iPhone/ iPad

You can also watch your Netflix videos and shows on your current running iOS device by creating an account and paying charges.

Smart tv

Some latest smart TVs can open Netflix by their remote easily. Other has an option to start via an activation link sent by the Netflix team on your given number or email.

HBO student discount

Overall we are talking about how students can get a discount to make their lives easier. Is HBO is beneficial for students, and are they offering any Hbo student discount to movie-loving students? Here we will share with the students all the tips and tricks to get a discount. They can get benefits and a lot of free trials by following simple steps and enjoy quality time with their fellows. HBO has provided their two apps named as HBO NOW and HBO GO for US students only.

If you are a US student then you can get HBO now student free trial by sign up on Hulu. College and university students can also watch free movies through HBO GO student discount offer. Without sign up on Hulu, HBO now is available for students on the monthly basic plan of 4.99$. But we are here to save your 5$ by providing ways of getting free Netflix and Hbo plans of watching movies.

Spotify military discount

We have often heard that soldiers receive discounts from every sector, such as cinemas and theatre plays, whatever they want to see. But unfortunately, Spotify does not offer any concessions to the military at this time. So here we are talking about Netflix, does Netflix offer military discounts? But the answer is the same as Spotify, even Netflix doesn’t offer any concessions to the military at the moment but we can’t say anything about the future.

Spotify indeed offers a discount to the student, they can access at 4.99$ while the actual price is 9.99$. And students can renew their Spotify plan any time after the completion of the specific time by following simple steps.

They sent a renew link via email > click on it > confirm you are a student > pick plan > payment > confirm.

Spotify military discount

3 choose 1

There are three monthly Netflix plans in which you can choose 1 at a time according to your need or wish. Every plan has different prices and qualities, and also every country has to pay different charges. Like if we talk about the Netflix price in India is too low and they have to pay 199 rupees for a single screen. And in the US the single screen price is 8.99$, the premium plan in India is 799 rupee in which they can share with four screens at a time.

If we talk about payment methods, how people can access Netflix by paying. Then you have an option of paying by the direct method of Netflix account payment and other is via debit card.

Netflix change plan

You have to select a specific plan while creating the account on Netflix and you have to pay according to it. Later on, if you are not satisfied with the plan you have chosen before then you have an option of a Netflix change plan. The process is simple to do this and the first step is to sign up your account after that you have to follow this sequence. My account > plan details > change plan >Then you have to select a new plan from the given options > payment > continue > upgrade. If you downgrade your plan then your previous payment will be adjusted on your next amount. And it will happen in that case when you will change your plan 30 days before today.

The student Netflix review

Here are some reviews of the best Netflix movie “The Student” to be released in 2017. The film gained popularity during this period and people liked it a lot and gave it great reviews. Feature and audio/video quality was excellent for viewers. It is a room com movie between the two characters at the beginning of which they are found in a lovely relationship like student and teacher. 

If you are curious and want to know the complete story of the movie “The student” then you must visit Netflix. A question arises in our minds here, is this movie still available on Netflix? And the answer is yes, you can get all the old movies that you missed on time. And if you watch a movie over and over again that you like, you will find it easy.

For Pandora students, Netflix announces a 10% discount for the monthly plan so they can watch their favorite movies at a cheap price.

How to get Netflix student discount

Here raises the big question in our minds, is there a student discount on Netflix? If so, how? And the simple answer is students can get discount by subscribing to amazon prime student, HBO, Hulu, and much more.

How to get a student discount on Netflix?

Yes, students can get a lot of discounts on their Netflix purchase plan by following a few tricks. You can split the offer into two screens with money by sharing your plan with your friends or family.

How to apply student discount to Netflix?

Here we share a pro tip to apply for a discount or get free access on Netflix. You have to create an account and get a free 30 days trial and do cancel the subscription before completing 30 days. Or make another account with another email and get another trial.

How much is Netflix plans student discount?

US students can get 5$ discount in their monthly plan they have to pay 9.99$ per month instead of their original monthly fee which is 14.99$.

Do students get a discount on Netflix?

There is no officially discount for students from the biggest video streaming hub Netflix. But you can access Netflix account in discounted price by following our defined methods.

How can I get Netflix cheaper?

Buying Netflix premium account with the sharing of four friends and family members is the best way to get Netflix at a cheap price.

Which country has the cheapest Netflix?

According to the survey, Turkey is the country where Netflix has the cheapest price than others. 2.78$ is the price of a basic plan in Turkey whereas its real price is 8.99$ in the US.

Which country has free Netflix?

Is there any country where Netflix is totally free? No, but once in the StreamFest event in India, Netflix offered free streaming for a weekend in the entire country.

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