Netflix Series Elite Season 4 Release Date, Cast, News and Spoilers

The Elite series is full of drama, romance and crime. After the amazing success of season 3, the production of season 4 has started as soon as possible. This season is filmed in Spain in 2018, and people loved this season because the whole season was full of intense romance. The first season was on the death of Marina, and the last season 3 was on who killed Polo (ex boyfriend of Carla).

In the season 4 of Elite series many members of the cast are not returning. Carla (Ester Exposito), Danna Paola (Lu), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Alvaro Rico (Polo) and Valerio (Jorge Lopez) have left the Elite series.

Elite Season 4 Release Date

In the May 2020 the Netflix tweeted on the official account the elite season 4 filming is about to start, and in February 2021 netflix tweeted again that Elite Fans get to ready because the show has been renewed for a 5th season. In other words you can say there will be so much fun and thrill in season 4 and then in season 5.

There is no official date announced yet, the filming of the season was completed in December 2020, so we can expect the season 4 release in the half of 2021.

Elite Season 4 Cast

There are many members of the previous seasons cast replaced with the new actors and actresses, as we mentioned above the role of the Nadia, Lu, Carla, Valerio will be played by other actors and actresses. According to some rumors the previous season was the final one with the previous, and in the new season a whole new cast will be revealed and most probably they will British.

The best thing in season 4 is the main people Samu (Itzan Escamilla), Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau), Ander (Aron Piper), Omar (Omar Shana), Cayetana (Georgina Amoros), Rebeca (Claudia Salas) are coming in the season 4. I hope this information will excite you more to watch this season. In the 20 july 2020 tweet they announce new people will be revealed in the new cast i.e. Carla Diaz, Pol Granch, Martina Cariddi and Manu Dios will play new roles of the characters in the season.

What We Can Expect in Elite Season 4?

This is very clear: we will see many new faces in season 4, so we cannot predict well what will happen in season 4. As we know the season 3 ended with Rebeca, Ander, Guzman, and Omar. So we can expect these characters with the new students at Las Encinas. AS the official trailer will be released we will update you with everything.

Elite Season 4 Trailer:

There is no official trailer of the Elite season 4 has launched yet. It will release soon on the Netflix website and official youtube channel. The Filmy Series will update you in detail on what will happen in season 4. This is very clear there will be new story in the season 4 with previous and new cast, and this will rock in the Netflix.

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