Top 10 Ways To Get Netflix Student Discount USA

Netflix is an American entertainment company known for producing TV shows and movies. It was initially started in 1998 with the motive of providing DVDs to individuals with membership plans. In 2007, they launched their video streaming services. Netflix provides a variety of plan options that offer HD, Ultra HD, and DVD quality at both low and high speeds accordingly. The subscription charges vary from $5 to $11 depending on the plan option one has chosen. You can also cancel your subscription anytime by going into the account settings provided by them under the billing section. There are some conditions when you get any discount on your monthly bill, but these discounts will not be available every time so signing up early before the release of a new season or series provides you maximum benefit when it comes to saving.

Netflix student discount USA provides you all the premium features under $7 which also includes high quality and standard definition streaming, unlimited DVDs to keep at home and 1 single screen at a time, and no waiting for DVD to ship. That means you can watch your favorite show while it is being downloaded to your device in another room.

Top 10 Ways

Let’s take a look at the top ways to get Netflix Student Discount USA easily.

1 – Join Netflix Student :

If you are a college or university student then you will receive 50% off on your monthly bill. To avail of the benefit of this discount, you need to register yourself and mention your Academic status and keep it valid throughout the year to get this benefit without any interruption.

netflix annual discount usa

2 – Get Money Back For Being A Netflix Member:

Being a member of Netflix, either for personal use or business use, entitles you to take money back by shopping through their partner retailers such as BestBuy, Walmart, and many more. This way you can save up to $15 every month if you take advantage of one shopping program per month. You can choose from VUDU, Newegg & PayPal among other programs that provide discounts on your monthly bills.

3 – Maximize Your Streaming Experience:

If you are not satisfied with standard definition video quality then change it to the high definition so that you can watch shows of full HD quality. If you want to maximize the experience of watching ultra HD videos, then use chrome cast or Apple TV for 4K streaming. You can also update your Netflix app but make sure you have good internet speed if you want to stream high-quality content on mobile devices too.

4 – Never Miss Your Favorite Show On Netflix:

Netflix has more than just movies and TV shows no matter which part of the world you are in, there will always be something new that is being released every week on Netflix. So try out the service at least for a month and cancel it after watching all the shows you want to without any hassle because there is no contract or subscription. Once your trial period ends, if you are not satisfied with their service then simply cancel your plan before it renews automatically in the future.

5 – Watch Netflix On Multiple Devices:

If you have two TVs at home and want to watch the same show on both devices then there is no need to be sad because this service is absolutely free of cost and available worldwide. All you need to do is change the DNS address of one device so that it can connect with different servers abroad and stream videos from other countries’ locations whose content is different from yours. This trick has been tested working well on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and many more devices.

Netflix on Multiple Devices

6 – Get More From Netflix Promotional Codes:

Netflix promotional codes are easy to find online these days because of the increasing number of subscribers on a monthly basis. You just need to search for promo codes or free trials available from other retailers which you can use to get extra months on your existing subscription so that you don’t have to pay anything until the next 6 months. Once your initial period gets over, cancel it before renewal so that you can save some money for future upgrades in your plan.

7 – Use Ultra Fast Servers Abroad For Streaming :

If standard definition video quality is not good enough then switch to faster servers abroad by changing DNS address manually without any hassle. If speed is not enough then you can also use a VPN service or proxy server to achieve desired results. You would need to change the DNS address every time after you restart your device for this purpose otherwise it would be easier if there were some apps available for this task that could do the job automatically without any hassle.

8 – Use Free Trial Period:

If you want to test-drive the Netflix streaming service before buying its 3 months or 1-year plan at a reduced cost then simply sign up using another email id and pay nothing until next month because there is no contract so these offers are valid as long as you don’t cancel them earlier before the trial period ends. Alternatively, you can wait till that offer appears on websites like SlickDeals.

netflix free trial

9 – Delete Browsing History:

If you want to keep your streaming habits secret then make sure that no one can track what you are doing because when you browse the Netflix website in private browsing mode, it keeps the logs of your search terms for future reference even if you don’t sign up. So simply delete history manually by going to the ‘History’ folder in options where all the web pages would be present and then just click on the trash icon to take them off permanently. There is also a shortcut key Ctrl+shift+del which will immediately clear all browsing data at once.

10 –  Use Extension:

There are several extensions available online which could be helpful for this purpose and these apps provide links for movies & TV shows so that you can directly use them instead of searching for titles manually. You can use any of the Chrome or Firefox extensions named ‘Netflix Enhancer’ which will enhance your browsing experience by providing direct links to Netflix for free without any hassle.

How to Use Netflix for Free in the USA?

This service can be used easily if you are living in the United States because there is no restriction at all and you could watch almost every title without paying a single penny. All that you need to do is create your own account by providing your personal, billing details along with the Netflix app installed on your system so that it automatically detects the location of the server which would allow you to stream videos directly without any hassle. According to the latest reports, this method will also work for Canadians as well who want to access US libraries instantly without any delay so they can use this trick right now according to their wish.


Netflix has millions of subscribers around the world and you must also use this service if you are habitual of watching TV shows & movies online because it offers a huge collection of titles that can be watched instantly. This streaming platform is available in over 190 countries but the United States has the maximum number of users so if you want to use it for free then just follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and enjoy unlimited entertainment without any hassle according to your wish.

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