Netflix watch history remove from my viewing activities

History is what you’ve done in the past, your recent activities, what you’ve scrolled and what you’ve seen on your device. As you know, your activities are stored in your device’s database and you can check them later. This is exactly what happens when you use Netflix, all the activities you watch are stored in one place. And this history can be viewed by all those people with whom you have shared Netflix screen. Are you surprised? and don’t want anyone to see your Netflix watch history due to privacy reason.

You can easily get rid of this panic but one more thing to remember before taking any step. Netflix is working according to your choice, it shows and recommends the same category of movies you recently watched. This means that if you watch rom-com or action movies, Netflix recommends the next movies in the same category. But if you don’t want any recommendation from Netflix you can simply delete Netflix recently watched history. I recommend a top searches movie Pulp fiction you must watch on Netflix.

How to remove continue watching from Netflix

Here we will talk about the most common features of Netflix whose names are, Continue watching and Instant watcher. The “Continue Watching” feature serves as a reminder to repeatedly remind you of movies that were closed without being fully watched. Netflix keeps a record of all these movies in the form of lists and shows you their names individually. But some people are fed up with this feature and do not want to see this message again and again. So, what should we do to remove this “continue watching” feature of Netflix?

Delete my activity

No worries, we’re here to guide you on how to remove movies/shows from your continue watching list on Netflix. Netflix allows you to remove movie names from a continue watching list that you don’t want to see. You can do this by deleting the movies from the viewing activities that is placed on your profile section. As a Netflix user, it is necessary to know how to delete some features like continue watching on Netflix.

Netflix Instant Watcher allows you to create a list of movies you want to watch after the end of one movie. You can add or delete the movies or shows on this list whenever you want.

Delete my activity

You are a new subscriber and you do not know that Netflix has a record of everything you have done. Netflix creates a list of all items you watched in past, you can see it, clear and save. Based on this list, Netflix shows you recommendations for upcoming movies and reminds you of movies you haven’t seen. You can also get rid of these recommendations by simply deleting the Netflix history from viewing activity. If you are confused and want to know how to erase Netflix history, so you follow the steps defined below.

If you get addicted to spending too much time on Netflix, it will have a bad effect on your life. So to get rid of it you have to cancel the subscription plan or you must delete Netflix account. You need to know how to delete a Netflix account or cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription plan by following these steps if you are using a desktop browser.

  • Login to your account
  • Go to my account
  • On membership & billing section
  • You can see an option of “Cancel membership” click on it
  • Confirm

You can permanently delete your Netflix account by sending a delete request message to “privacy @”.

Netflix viewing history

Stay connected with us if you have shared Netflix with your peers and want to know about their viewing history. You want to know their history and you want to hide your history from them as well. You can see their complete history from the viewing activities’ section which is placed on the profile menu. From there you can also clear Netflix history by clicking on “X” that is in front of the movie name.

Step by step process is :

  • Log in to your Netflix account
  • Go to My profile section
  • Select viewing activities
  • Then a complete list will appear

Now it’s up to you, you watch or delete Netflix history from there

Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to view, delete and clear Netflix history in a very simple way.

Amazon search history

Now we will talk about another very popular video streamer named as “Amazon prime video”. Here we will learn about the basic knowledge of watch history of Amazon prime video. Watch history means all about the activities you did and what you recently viewed on Amazon. From your viewing history, Amazon estimates your choice of what kind of videos you would like and then suggests videos accordingly. You can check and delete your Amazon prime videos watch history anytime from your account.

The method is following

  • Go to the profile icon and hover on it
  • Tap on Account & Setting
  • Display a “View watch history” box
  • Tap on it

Now a tab will display on your screen from where you can find a list of activities you did on Amazon. From this list, you can delete your Amazon watch history and watch it again with one click on your favourite video.

Amazon search history

My activity page

My activity page is another name of Amazon watch history, all activities are saved here which we have done. All history is sorted by date and time, the video that you saw at the end will be shown at the top. You can delete your prime video history anytime if you want to do so.

How to clear watch history on Netflix

You can clear your Netflix watch history by following simple steps given below

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to my profile and click on viewing history
  • Remove all history or an individual specific search

How to delete Netflix watch history

Netflix deletes history steps include:

  • Open your Netflix account on a specific device
  • Scroll towards the menu bar and tap to the Viewing activity from profile section
  • Now you can see the whole history, and remove whatever you want.

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