Online VOD Streaming OTT Platforms


If you are looking for a free platform to stream video, you can try out some of the free VOD streaming platforms. These include Zzapflix, Contus VPlayed, Vimeo OTT, Muvi, and Cleeng. These platforms are available to all and provide high quality streaming facility for your audience.

Contus VPlayed

Contus VPlayed is an OTT platform for web-based businesses. It is powered by the Contus network and supports on-demand and live streaming. The platform has a focus on educational content, but it can be customized to fit any business model. While it has a few drawbacks, including a steep pricing structure and limited capabilities, it is a solid option for web-based OTT businesses.

The Contus VPlayed platform is an all-in-one OTT solution that helps you publish, stream, and monetize your video content. It comes with a simple, intuitive interface, ready-made integrations for CMS platforms, and excellent customer support.

Vimeo OTT

If you’re in the market for a free online video on demand platform, Vimeo OTT is a great place to start. This video platform allows you to upload multiple file types, customize the look and feel of your website, and offer advanced analytics. Additionally, Vimeo OTT allows you to sell subscriptions, and one-time purchases as well as ads. Plus, the platform provides you with access to mobile SDKs and API support. It also includes video capturing, SEO, and templates for content creation.

Vimeo OTT allows you to host your own videos on their platform, with built-in templates and a content management system. However, some features are only available on Vimeo’s Enterprise plan, such as live streaming, branded apps, and migration assistance. Enterprise plans also come with in-house support for transferring videos and providing white-label HTML5 video players. You’ll also get email support from Vimeo, so you can easily send them questions.


Muvi is an over-the-top platform that allows content creators to create custom video-on-demand and live streaming channels. It was founded in 2011 and now boasts more than 580 platforms that cover everything from religious events to live sports. The platform is scalable and offers excellent customer support. Muvi’s hybrid model allows users to customize their platform and quickly adapt to changing markets. Muvi also offers a free trial period so that users can try out the platform before making a final decision.

The main difference between VOD and OTT is that the former uses the internet to deliver content, while the latter uses cable or satellite to do so. As the internet continues to improve, the distinction between VOD and OTT is beginning to blur. The internet offers much greater flexibility and less costly streaming options, and one day, the two will be virtually impossible to distinguish.


Cleeng is a leading subscription management platform for OTT providers. In addition to providing subscription management and customer retention solutions, the company also develops video-based software solutions. Oxagile’s technical team will focus on building components for the OVP, which govern complex processes such as content ingestion, global multiscreen delivery, and subscriber retention. Together, Cleeng and Oxagile will offer a comprehensive suite of monetization and subscriber-retention technology.

Cleeng’s paywall solutions offer a number of powerful features, including a single sign-in process, seamless payments through TV apps and mobile devices, and advanced analytics for key monetization performance indicators. It also supports multiple subscription options and offers a user-friendly dashboard to make reporting easy. In addition, Cleeng integrates with payment gateways to provide seamless payments.


Wowza is the industry-leading video streaming software. With flexible streaming capabilities and a global network of CDNs, Wowza provides a scalable and reliable platform for any online service. The Wowza software enables a variety of services, including VOD, live, and recorded live streams. It also supports UHD and multi-bitrate streaming, and offers professional-grade streaming plans with full brand control and customization options. Wowza also offers an integrated video CMS, comprehensive live streaming tools, 360-degree video, and detailed analytics.

Wowza is also capable of handling multiple video formats, which is important for multi-device delivery. Not all viewers have 4K home theaters, so the video must be delivered in a format compatible with different devices. This makes video transcoding an essential feature. Wowza also supports adaptive bitrate streaming and repackaging content in non-standard containers.


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