Sex Education Season 3: Cast, Release Date, trailer and Spoilers

Finally we have some good news about heading to Moordale secondary high school. Of course I am talking about the sex education Netflix series. The sex education series is consider as one of the best and top Netflix series. The good news is Netflix has officially announced the return of the sex education season 3. The previous seasons were amazing and remain trending no 1 on Netflix for a long time. If you have watched the season 2 then of course you are waiting for the season 3, because of the thrilling ending of the sex education season 2.

Here I am going to tell you about the release date, cast, trailer and spoiler of the sex education season 3.

Sex Education Season 3 Release Date

Well it is very hard to say when sex education season 3 is going to release. If we notice the release date of the previous seasons, we get to know both seasons were released in January 2020 and 2021. But as you know because of the COVID pandemic the production of the season 3 was stopped, and postponed. So we can’t guess right now when season 3 is going to release. May be in the last of 2021, or in January 2020.

When Netflix reveals any announcement on release date, I will let you know for sure.

Sex Education Season 3 Cast

In the sex education season 3 cast we are going to see some old faces. We can expect the following members in the cast: Asa Butterfield as Otis, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, Gillian Anderson as Jean, Emma Mackey as Maeve, Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee, Connor Swindells as Adam, Kedar Williams Stirling as Jackson, Patricia Allison as Ola, Tanya Reynolds as Lily, Alistair Petrie as Headmaster Groff.

 We can expect some more old (not much spotted) faces in the sex education 3 cast: Simone Ashley as Olivia, Mimi Keene as Ruby, Chaneil Kular as Anwar (also known as untouchable), Chris Jenks as Aimee’s bf Steve, Rakhee Takrar as Miss Sands, Jim Howick as Mr Hendricks, Mikael Persbrandt as Ola’s dad Jakob, Samantha Spiro as Adam’s mother Maureen, Hannah Waddingham as Jackson’s mother Sofia, Sharon Duncan Brewster as Roz, and James Purefoy as Otis’s dad Remi.

 Sex Education Season 3 Trailer and Spoilers

We have seen in the last season of sex education the Ola broken up with the Otis, and move with the Lily. After this Otis decided to propose to Maeve and leave the voice message for her. In the voice message he said “It is you, it is always you and I love you”. But the new character in the season 2 Isaac played a trick on it, and delete the voice message of the Otis, and Maeve is unaware from the Otis’s proposal.

Well in the sex education season 3 the Otis is back to school. In the interview with The Guardian he said He has grown up more and become more sassy. His new charisma will be full fun, and dramatic.

Maeve is also back to school with more concerns and extra things in the mind. She is running social services, after she knew her mother was involved in drugs. She is also concerned with her half sister. Well she said sorry to Erin but left on bad terms.

The one more main character Eric. In the last of the season 2 we saw he chose Adam over Rahim. But Adam Groff has set his path and goals as well. Now he is also growing up, and becoming the better man.

This is all we can say right now, because the official trailer has not been released yet. Once it is released will share some more interesting information with you guys, also we will share the video on this page.

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