Watching classic films is important

Nothing makes me happier than watching a classic movie on a Sunday. Myrna Loy and William Powell in one of the Thin Man movies, Humphrey Bogart in a noir classic, Katharine Hepburn in a crazy adventure movie…why do you look so confused? Do you really not watch classic films? Do you find black and white frightening? Are you bored because there are no outrageous explosions and there is always a smoldering sensuality? Maybe I can persuade you to change your ways.

Watching a classic film has many benefits

Hear a live history lesson. While watching Best Classic movies on DVD, you get a history lesson along with an entertaining movie. Not familiar with the Cold War? Interested in the first or second World War? While these wars and crises were occurring, movies were written and created! The changes in women’s issues, the introduction of Civil Rights, and the beginning of paparazzi and shock journalism can all be seen unfolding as they did in real life. Despite being unaware of it, classic film writers and directors created time capsules on celluloid that can help you gain a three-dimensional understanding of world history.

Watch classic movies to learn about classic drinks. You need to watch some post-prohibition classic films if all you know how to order is sex on the beach and apple-tinis. You can learn about rocks and no rocks, water and no water, a club and no club. You can also get a cool look by ordering drinks like gin and tonics, scotch and water, and rye. Want some rye? ‘Course you do!

Make yourself sound smarter with these quotes. Don’t demand the moon. My favorite quote comes from the Bette Davis movie, Now Voyager. Whenever I need a little something to appear more mysterious, deep, or insightful, I whip it out at parties, clubs, bars, and business meetings. I will never forget this quote. You can use it in a variety of different situations. To learn how to use it, you just have to watch some classic films.

Change your accent. Even though I enjoy classic films, I still have trouble understanding the accents many of the actors tried to pull off in the days before dialect coaching. It wasn’t quite British…but it wasn’t quite American either…and it wasn’t anything in the middle either. In my opinion, this accent is known as the “General Vicinity Accent” because it encompasses many different dialects. Get to know it and then use it when you want to sound worldly.

Keep your humanity in mind. Classic films remind you of how to be human, and that’s the best thing about them. Sure, they aren’t as gritty or as confronting as new movies. But instead of showing steamy scenes, they show realistic relationships.

Relationship difficulties or drug abuse and mental illness are implied by them. Their lack of forthrightness makes them even more human than new movies. It’s not like you air all your dirty laundry, is it? Similarly, the secrets of old movies linger beneath the surface. By adding a few hours of Turner Classic Movies to your day, you can regain classic principles such as tact, privacy, and pride.

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