Where Can I Find Different Types Of Magicians?

My stage magic is often questioned by people who contact me. The answer is yes, I perform on stage. The process varies from magician to magician. You would need one based on how big your stage is, what you have going on, how many people are there, etc. I have listed some examples below.


My work is this. For the most part, this is an act in which people speak while performing tricks and audience members are often used as volunteers. A magician usually asks volunteers to assist him on stage. Each person brings something different to the show, so it keeps things fresh. Having a friend close to the action adds to the connection with the audience. A comedy stage magician might perform a trick in which they ask to borrow a personal item (such as a watch or credit card). By obscuring the object, they make it appear in an impossible place (such as inside a walnut or lemon!).

It is perfect for any event with a variety of tricks performed with humor. Click here for more information on after-dinner entertainment for corporate events. For more information, visit magotamarit.com.

Stage Illusionist

There is a slight difference between the stage illusionist and the magician. Generally, the magician will have assistants and large-scale illusions. The iconic scene of ‘Sawing a Lady in Half’ is a typical example. Half’. They’re a great choice if you’re looking to entertain a large crowd (and have a large budget).

When you go to a show in Las Vegas, you will often encounter large-scale illusions. This field has been dominated by David Copperfield for over thirty years. My recommendation for his show is the MGM Grand, which is currently running in Vegas.

An Act to Counter Manipulation

This is my favorite kind of entertainment. As a rule, the magician in this case performs an act that lasts about 12 minutes. In most cases, there is no spoken word (but there is music). He manipulates playing cards, mobile phones, thimbles, and billiard balls with sleight of hand, as well as coins and other small objects.

Magicians spend many hours practicing their tricks. The performance is beautiful to watch and you can see that they’ve perfected each small movement. South Korean magicians lead the way in this area, even though we do have a few good ones here in the UK.

Brain Reader

Mind readers make great stage acts. A stage illusionist requires hours to set up and unpack (unlike most of the things that can be done on a stage).

Many people find that mind reading tricks are quite convincing and resonating with their audiences. It may be a bank PIN or a word that someone is just thinking of. They are sometimes self-indulgent and take themselves way too seriously, which can lead to rather dull and self-indulgent acts. Before the exciting trick that happens at the end, there is usually a lengthy setup.

There are some who are excellent at it and are also really funny and entertaining (Derren Brown is one example of someone who is both excellent and hilarious). In my opinion, I am quite entertaining while I do this, but then again, I would!

Magician who performs close-up

Stage magicians who do close-ups sound like oxymorons. Now that projectors are much more affordable and more reliable, it’s becoming easier. On a close-up pad with a camera, magicians can perform an act that is projected onto a screen so that everyone can see it. It’s a very captivating experience if it’s done well.

There is nothing better than the thrill of being in close proximity to the magic while enjoying it. Shin Lim has become a star on shows such as America’s Got Talent because of this type of performance.

Who is the best stage magician to hire?

Depending on who you are speaking to, how big the audience is, and how long you would like to speak. Imagine booking 1 person to perform comedy magic after dinner for 30 minutes. It is likely that you have to book several manipulation acts if you are booking one that lasts around 12 minutes.

Is comedy stage magic still amazing?

Upon booking a magician, all these factors will be determined. Despite being funny, Tommy Cooper’s magic wasn’t all that impressive. Today, many comedians also have excellent magic.

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