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These are the specifications you’ll want to know if you’d like to work with us for guest blogging. How to have a guest post published on our site.

Types of Content We Accept

We really appreciate you looking at joining us as a guest blogger on a variety of themes, such as Entertainment, Fashion, Life Style, Music, Movies and Streaming, Celebrities, Hollywood Series, Dramas, and much more.

Entertainment Topics

  • Animation and Comics, Arts and Entertainment, and Books and Literature.
  • Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Design

Fashion Topics

  • Luxury Products, Trending, Designing, Technology
  • Outfits, Life Style, Culture

Movies and Streaming Topics

  • Animation movies, 3D movies, Anime Movies, Music
  • Comic, Rom Com, HollyWood

Hollywood Series Topics

  • Comedy Clubs, Money Heist, Lucifer
  • Top Netflix Movies, Hulu, Amazon Prime

Submission Guideline

What We Like

  • Your content must be original and pass Copyscape plagiarism check.
  • A minimum of 800 words, organized under several categories, and without grammar errors is the content you should deliver.
  • Blog titles should be catchy and concise, with no more than 60 characters.
  • Provide a unique, HD, high-resolution image of 1200px and 675px (width) (height).

What We Hate

  • First, your Guest Post must relate to one of the themes in the above list. We do not permit content that does not match our website’s purpose.
  • Please thoroughly check your articles for plagiarism before sending them to us, as we will not accept anything that has already been copyrighted.
  • Do not send out the post which was previously published in any form, including on your own blog.

Guestpost Submission Guideline

Please send us something for Tech Today Info, and we’ll be thrilled. You can reach us via thefilmy333@gmail.com anytime. If you have any questions about submitting guest posts to Tech Today Info, email us at thefilmy333@gmail.com or use the Contact Us form.

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